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Content UniversityTM is SnappConner PR’s proprietary immersion program that prepares your company executives, employees and affiliates to become experts at telling, sharing and publishing the stories that grow your business.

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About Us

Content University is an in-depth program that trains and prepares individuals and company executives to become expert content authors and creators. It teaches participants to develop and leverage the best and most interesting stories available—the ones that exist in the minds of their own executives and within their company walls.

Now is your chance to participate in Content University, available exclusively from SnappConner PR. Content University is the joint creation of award-winning journalist and content expert Tom Post, Ph.D., SVP of Content Strategy, and Cheryl Snapp Conner, CEO of SnappConner PR, in conjunction with the SnappConner PR team.


What is your story?

Join award-winning journalists and content experts, Tom Post, Ph.D., SnappConner SVP of Content, and Cheryl Snapp Conner, SnappConner Founder & CEO at Content University, where your story finds its voice.

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Cheryl Snapp Conner


Winning organizations tell their stories better than their competition, dominating their rivals with significantly better closing rates and bigger deals. Authentic, target specific content breaks the barriers between speaker and listener, allowing true competition to thrive. The result—vastly increased engagement. It’s the difference between acceptance and rejection

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It starts with a Conversation.

What is your story?

Lead with thought, inspire with story.

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Content University

Excellence in Content Leadership Certification


CU 101 – Intro to Content: Find Your Voice
CU 102 – Website Content: Share Your Wisdom
CU 103 – Public Relations Toolkit
CU 104 – Image: Style Introduces Substance
CU 105 – Ancient Stories to Rock Modern Marketing
CU 106 – Strategic Content Research
CU 107 – Viral Stories through Social Media
CU 108 – Presentations that Really Deliver
CU 109 – Building Client Brand Ambassadors
CU 110 – Empower your Team as Ambassadors

Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses available upon completion of Content University™ Excellence in Content Leadership Certification or with permission of Content University™ administration:

CU 700 – Thought Leadership Mastermind
CU 701 – Public Relations Crisis Management
CU 702 – Big League Publishing Strategies

Look for additional advanced courses in the near future.

Customized instructional programs available upon request.

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