Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Thought Leaders?

Thought leaders are the informed authorities, the go-to people in their field of expertise.  A thought leader is a trusted source who moves and inspires others with innovative ideas and opinions—and someone who can walk the talk: accomplished at turning those ideas and opinions into successes.

What is Content University™?

Content University™ is SnappConner PR’s proprietary immersion program that prepares your company executives, employees and affiliates to become experts at telling, sharing and publishing the stories that are unique to your company. Used properly, these stories can raise your profile and expand your business, as your best storytellers become expert content creators and published authors.

What will I learn?

At Content University™ you will learn how to 1) become a better writer and author; 2) create content that engages clients and customers, drives revenue and increases SEO; 3) become an effective and powerful thought leader; 4) capitalize on social media to promote your published work; 5) manage your content and reputation for strength and sustainability;  and 6) achieve greater respect among your peers and new audiences you’ve not yet met.

How can Content University™ help me get published and reach my professional (and personal) goals?

Content University™ will help you identify and achieve your goals and objectives to propel your career through publishing. Content University™ staffers will help guide you in the class work to utilize your content to your advantage and locate appropriate sites that are seeking and accepting contributed content.

How much does Content University™ cost?

Prices range from $499 for a 10-week online video course to $10,000+ for a corporate group. Visit the program links above to determine which program and learning style work best for you.

Do you offer Content University™ for groups?

Absolutely! Content University™ is available for groups of 15 to 1,000+.  And, we are happy to offer special rates. Please contact us for specific information.

How do I pay?

You can pay online.  Simply select the offering you wish and the cart will take you to the payment area.

Will Content University™ conduct sessions at our Tradeshow?

We are very happy to conduct customized Content University™ workshops at tradeshows or corporate meetings.  All of our offerings are designed-to-fit to the client, partner or group.

Does Content University™ have Keynote Speakers available?

We do arrange speaking engagements for a fee. Our graduates themselves are thought leaders and, therefore, perfect candidates for our keynote speaking team.  It is another way we are able to help our students leverage their expertise.

What will I learn when I enroll in Content University™ Online?

You will learn how to become a better writer and author.  You’ll also learn how to create content that engages clients and customers, drives revenue, and helps expand your business.  Plus, in Content University Online, you will learn how to boost your SEO, making you more findable, sharable, and likable.  But ultimately, you’ll learn how to produce content that helps you elevate yourself as a thought leader.

How will Content University™ Online help me become a thought leader?

You will learn how to do what those who have been moving and shaking in your field have known for years, which is how to share your content in a way that gets you recognized as a leader in your field and gets your content shared rapidly.  Plus, you’ll learn how to utilize your great content across the board with all your social media platforms for maximum traction, trajectory and audience engagement.

How can Content University™ Online get me published?

Content University™ will show you how to publish your work quickly, efficiently, and in the most readable spots (that also happen to be our favorite platforms).  We’ll take the guesswork and anxiety out of the process by showing you our step-by-step strategies for publishing.

Can Content University™ Online help me achieve a better social media presence?

When you master how to write content the CU way, you’ll learn how to use specific key words and phrases in your work making it more easily searchable. And, because you will acquire the skills to produce highly compelling content that’s structured beautifully and targeted at the right audiences, readers will like and share your writing—giving it the potential to go viral.